Balmain Hair+ for a complete new look

Do you want a complete new hair color without damaging your hair? Or do you want more volume or length for just one night out or several weeks?

The philosophy: Balmain Hair focuses on the six most common hair problems and offers varied solutions for every wallet: different products for different needs.

Fill-in Extensions

Fill-In extensions, made of high quality 100% human hair, are connected with your natural hair by using small bonds. These extensions are available in 3 different textures (Straight, Natural Straight and Wavy) and offer a range of 24 natural colors and 24 funky colors (from pig pink to purple rain and from spring green to spring orange) making blending in natural looking extensions easy.
Duration: up till 3 months

Fill-in soft ring extensions

Fill-in ring extensions belongs to the category ‘soft blend weaving’ and is applied closest to the scalp compared to other wefts. Because of the vents, this soft blend weaving technique allows your hair to breathe and dry faster after washing.
Duration: 6 weeks

ClipTape Extensions

ClipTape extensions can be applied in two ways: clip application and tape application.
The clip application is perfect for daily use and takes only 1 minute to apply by simply clicking the extensions on your natural hair. The clips are already attached to the extensions.
The tape application is a semi permanent application whereby the extensions are taped on both sides (for extra hold use a blow dryer or flat iron).
Both extensions are 100% human hair, re-usable and available in 15cm, 25 cm and 40cm.
Duration: daily (clip-in) and 2-4 weeks (tape)


HairXpression are easy clip-in extensions that can be used as an accessory or make-up tool to create the latest hair styles. These extensions are available in 15cm and 30cm and is offered for length (also 40cm), volume or highlights.
Duration: daily

Why Balmain hair?

40 years ago Balmain Hair’s mission is to select, develop, track and fabricate the best hair in the world. It’s dedicated team are all trained specialists and active in consulting and training in 50 countries. Balmain hair offers 6 months guarantee worldwide on hair quality.


For more info:
The website offers video’s and step-by-step application for every technique

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