Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose collection

Are you feeling Rock & Roll?

Give me 5 minutes, and I’ll make you a star!

Bobbi says: Everyone looks great in jeans – and anyone can pull of a dark denim eye. To make it wearable, I’ve paired inky blue shadows with pretty roses for lips and cheeks. The combination is casual and well put -together, rock & roll but romantic, and modern yet classic all at once.

The Denim & rose palette has shimmering blues, icy grays and pinks for eyes and fresh rose shades for lips and cheeks, like dressed up denim. With this jeans palette you’ll have plenty options during the day, or for night.

As we all love a little highlighter for a finishing touch, Bobbi launches a lightweight and luminescent highlighter pen that catches the light for beautiful defined cheekbones. In Bronze, Opal, and Rose.

I always love a little sparkle. So I couldn’t be happier with the launch of Bobbi’s sparkle eye shadow in Denim. It lights up my eyes with a combination of shimmering pearls and fine glitter. A very easy to wear product, thanks to it’s creamy translucent base, it glides on smoothly and won’t crease.

Bring the fall on!!

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