BB Skin Foundation versus Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation

As a makeup artist I love trying new and existing foundations, trying to find the perfect mix, colors and texture. I am very much into tinted moisturizers and foundations, and I’ve tested Bobbi Brown’s foundations as mentioned below.

Here are my thoughts:

Natural finish Long-Lasting foundation SPF 15
The natural finish Long-Lasting foundation is lightweight, and oil free. It literally vanishes into the skin, and dries emi- matte as promised on the box. I love the smooth finish once the foundations is dry. You can apply blush or bronzer almost immediately without it leaving streaks’.-The  natural finish Long



-Lasting foundation is recommendable to normal to oily skin.

Skin foundation SPF 15
This foundation is also a lightweight, but water based. After applying the skin foundation my skin feels hydrated and looks (re)fresh(ed). In my opinion the Skin foundations has a more dewy look and feel, and a more buildable coverage. It evens out the skin tone, and does leave a natural complexion.

-Recommended for combination, normal, and normal to dry skin.

Both foundation’s mix great with moisturizers, and other foundations. I’ve tried mixing natural finish Long-Lasting foundation with Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer SPF 15. Also I’ve tried mixing it with the water based Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation! The result is Flawless and dewy.

The shades of the natural finish Long-Lasting foundation are completely different to that of the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15, even though they have the same numbers. You’ll have to go to a Bobbi Brown counter to try the foundation on!

Skin Foundation €  40,-
Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation €  40,-

Have fun!

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