Be Creative Make-up – An Affordable Professional Makeup Range

The Be Creative collection is a complete professional make-up range for an affordable price, and will exclusively be offered at ICI PARIS XL. The make-up range consists of 27 different products but will be extended over time. Why professional? Because a team of make-up experts put their heads together to be able to make a line that is pigmented, yet easy to apply, and the most imported thing its affordable. It contains pressed powder and concealer, a highlighting pen, several blushes, bronzers, lipsticks and even brushes. You’ll be able to find everything you never even thought you wanted.


The packaging is clean and lightweight, therefore an easy carry around. I tend to find that packaging is just as important as the actual product. It’s the first thing you see when opening it. In this case the packaging versus the actual product is just fine. Especially when you keep the low key prices in mind. While you’re at it, do try the pro make-up brushes.


It is so important and much more fun if you invest in a few basics.

Have a sneak peek at some beauty essentials:


Find Be Creative from June 2013

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