Beauty alert for men: American Crew

Since hair- and body care not only concerns women these days I thought it is a great opportunity to share hair- and beauty products for men that is of high quality.

Some highlights…

The classic range is the most extensive product range with hair & scalp, styling and body products. Daily shampoo, daily moisturizing shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, thickening shampoo and classic gray shampoo…
If this looks extensive, the styling range is even more extensive with 15 different products! The highlights of this range for me are the curl control and curl construct. I have reviewed many curling products for women, but this is the first time I have seen a curl styling product specially for men.

Tea Trea
This product range has anti bacterial and antiseptic ingredients, ideal for men with a sensitive skin and consists of: balancing shampoo, calming conditioner, purifying body wash, firm & light hold styling cream.

Since I wasn’t able to test the products myself, I did ask my brother to try the firm hold styling gel and the moisturizing shave cream: the gel is a bit sticky in your hands, but once you have applied the gel, your hair is easily styled the way you want it and stays that way! The shaving cream also makes shaving very smooth and easy and at the same time softens the cheeks.

About American Crew
American Crew is a full service producer of hair products of high quality, exclusively for men. The company and the whole product line is based on replacing care and fashion of the male to the front. This focus is executed by developing products that are based on traditional values of integrity, quality and trustworthiness. Next, by supporting stylists with education, marketing and by communicating a unambiguous male attitude. /

Note: American Crew products can be bought at several professional hair dressers. By filling in your zip code on the website you can find the selling point in your neighbourhood.

Santusha Kana

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