Beauty on a budget with L’Occitane Angelica skincare range

Did you know the Angelica plant can reach up to 2 meters? The roots can reach extremely deep gulping the water that is so very essential for growth. The message? Hydrate the skin. In this range L’oocitane combines the essential oils and water of the Angelica to revitalize and hydrate (dehydrated) skin. Last year the skincare for the face was launched. The range is now extended with complementary easy and (not unimportant) quickly absorbed skincare range.

The instant hydrating mask is a three minute mask. A soothing gel that boosts the skin and makes it mores lustrous. The nice part? You don’t even have to rinse it off. Just let the hydration do the talking.
In just 30 seconds you can exfoliate the skin, in the morning, or just before pilow take-off. Srcub away allt these dead skincells and tired or dull looking skin in just 30 seconds…

Summer is just around the corner. When it does I love to carry around a hydrating face mist. This one is pretty nice, and smells fresh. Hydrating skin on-the-go.


Meet the rest of the range thru

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