Beauty secret :Volume hair by Balmain

Have you always dreamed of full and thick hair? Have you ever had to deal with thin hair on top, that’s making your scalp visible?

The Balmain  Hair + system is the perfect answer! This new philosophy focuses on the six most common hair problems and offers six different and unique treatments for these problems. REAL solutions are offered for each of your desired hairstyle.

Glamour’s 60 strikes again! During this year’s Oscars many celebrities loved the 60s hairstyle with lots of volume on top. This ultra sexy, female hairstyle is easy to replicate. You might think you would need lot’s of hairspray to create this look. Well, you can leave the hairspray because Volume Secret offer a solution!

Hair + is the solution for you. Hair + offers the opportunity to get the fuller hair you’ve always dreamed of. You are not limited to your own hair. You can simply add it (volume Secret) to give the hair body and volume. Thanks to this Secret volume you don’t have to worry about a visible scalp or thinning hair. More is more, and is definately the future.

Volume to the max!

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