Beauty tips to face slim in 2011

Out with the old and in with the new you!

If you’re a little like me, you may be motivated to trim down immediately after all the holiday goodies!

There are easy ways to create a slimmer look depending on the shape of your face.  Here are five make up tips on how to slim your face:

1. First concentrate on your eyes with a complementing shadow, tight line and mascara combination. This will draw all the attention to your personality.

2. When you get ready for blush apply your darkest color right below your cheekbone using a blush brush. This way you’ll be shaping by highlighting the cheekbones. Don’t use a loose powder brush or you’ll have trouble…

3. Choose the blush color for the apples according to your skin tone. For example: rosy and warm or peachy tones. For darker skin tones use Burgundy, Fuchsia or Honeysuckle Pink, anything will a blue undertone will make you look healthy and fresh.

4.  To create the slimming illusion, follow with a lighter blush tone slightly over darker tone area.

5. Finish your look with a perfect fresh, or very hip Neon- lip gloss or lipstick that match the colors you’ve selected.

Remember: The darker your natural lip color, the lighter and brighter you can go!

If these tips might not work out for you, let me know and I will help you get on the right track. In the meantime get inspired by Fendi’s fresh spring look 2011.


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