Best Runway Hair Style: AIFW 2011

It is nice to see a contrast on the runway: straight silk hair versus volume.

Hair at Addy van de Krommenacker has a lot of volume and length to create these retro looks. 


How to create this look? (You need: hairspray, tease comb and clips from a drugstore)

1. Tease the upper- and front section of your hair.
2. Spray with your preferred hairspray for extra hold (blowdry shortly the teased section for a few seconds)
3. Place the bumpit if you have it
4. Softly comb the hair on top so it looks smoothly and spray a bit more for extra shine
5. Place the clips at the back of your hair to hold your teased hair and you’re done!

Spijkers and Spijkers showed their winter collection 2011-2012 with straight long hair!


Hair tip: make sure your hair has a beautiful deep color (whatever color you have) so it looks healthier. It easily looks damaged or neglected if the color is washed out on the ends of your hair.

Santusha Kana

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