Create a cool gaze. Try blue eyeshadow…

To create cool gazes pick a blue eyeshadow. It works for most eye colors and brown eyes are no exception. Why? Blue eyeshadow, more so bright blues, creates a contrast to the neutral brown of the eyes.

It will make the eyes look more radiant while also giving it a cool, relaxing glow.
Choose darker blue eyeshadow for darker-brown colored eyes. For a more playful look, opt for aquamarine or neon blues. Are you ready to try one?

Even if brown is the most common eye color in the world, a whole plethora of shadows to use for brown eyes are at your disposal to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Just remember: the right eyeshadow can spell the difference between boring brown eyes to captivating chocolate. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different blue eyeshadow colors until you come up with that perfect shade for you!


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