Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is a conditioning treatment that adds keratin in your hair and results in healthy and smooth hair for 3-5 months.  The treatment is ideal for those with tumbleweed hair or who cannot do a salon blowout at home or get a blowout every week. It eliminates frizz and unwanted curl while giving hair added texture and control.

What is the difference with a chemical straightening treatment?
The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary system that smoothes and strengthens your hair through a natural, chemical-free process. In contrast with a chemical treatment that uses aggressive chemicals that damages the hair; natural keratin, combined with cocoa butter, (a natural moisturizer) and amino acids are squeezed in the hair with a flat iron and transforms the hair to a shiny, healthy state.

The result is that your hair is straight, healthy and shiny without damaging your hair. Within 3-5 months the treatment will slowly grows out and your own hair structure comes back. The use of a blow dryer or flat iron will be used less often and in some cases not at all.

What is the difference with Japanese straightening treatments?
A major difference between Brazilian chemical hair treatments and Japanese chemical treatments is the results. While Japanese straightening techniques leave the hair stick straight from roots to ends, Brazilian treatments do not completely straighten the hair.

A popular version of Brazilian hair treatments is The Brazilian Blowout. The Blow out is less expensive, last 6-8 weeks and the treatment takes 1-2 hours (Treatment takes 4 hours).
So if you are nervous to commit or you have a lower budget the blow out is the perfect solution.

Depending on the hair type and frequency of the treatment it will remove 100% frizz, and 60 to 80% of unruly curl, while restoring natural resiliency. After hair has been treated with a Brazilian smoothing, blowout or similar treatment, the hair can still be worn curly or wavy without frizz. Treated hair will still have volume, body and movement which does not happen after Japanese straightening which leave tresses stick straight.

Brazilian treated hair can be air dried to enhance natural texture or it can be blow dried with or without a brush to define natural curls and waves.  The results last for approximate 4 months. The treatment comes with a special shampoo and conditioner for optimal and long lasting results.

If you have kinky curls or you prefer very straight hair, a second treatment might be necessary. The treatment can be repeated after two weeks.

Is this treatment suitable for me?
The treatment can be used on the majority of hair types, even chemically treated hair (colored, permed, relaxed, highlighted, and bleached) for both men and women starting from the age of 6.

Do you have dry or damaged hair? Is your hair frizzy or do you have too much (unwanted) volume? Or do you want soft straight hair? Then you might want to try the popular Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Blow out. Nicole Richie, Tyra Banks and Hally Berry were ahead of you.. and they love it!

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