Budget Beauty: Cold cream for dry skin by Weleda

If we have to listen to specialists it’s going to be a pretty cold winter. You can dress the part, but your skin will need that extra layer too. What best way to protect the skin than with a rich face cream that let’s your skin breathe and makes the skin feel soft at the same time.

It contains the following:

Fatty acid glyceride, made from vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, coconut oil and palm oil and vegetable glycerin acts as an emulsifier (connects the fatty and watery parts).

Loam Soil is a natural mineral substance that gives the product consistency.

Water is intended to dilution

Almond oil that nourishes and makes the skin supple.

Peanut oil (refined so that it no longer contains allergenic proteins) nourishes and conditions the skin.

Beeswax protects skin and gives the product consistency.

If it works? I sure believe it does. During my outdoor workout sessions in bleak autumn weather with a pretty cutting wind my skin felt hydrated. I have even used it on my hands and as an extra boost during night time. I could feel and see the difference in the morning. Call it an s.o.s. cream for skin that needs a little extra help.

As it’s a rich texture, just use a small amount and massage into the skin.


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