By Terry the creator of Touche Éclat

By TerryWhenever I am in Paris, this is one of the beauty shops I love visiting.

By Terry is one of the makeup artists that adopted a new concept of luxury applied to the world of makeup and cosmetics. She invented products such as “Touche Éclat”, and creates makeup collections that reflect the emotions of fashion designers.

She is one of the guru’s of makeup and colour. Women are addicted to her tips, her products and revolutions.

In 1985 she was to meet Yves Saint Laurent with whom she spent 14 years. There she learns all the ins and outs of “creation”, “business” and “operations” and develops her understanding of marketing and women needs which differ internationally.

For TERRY, Yves Saint Laurent was an opportunity to try out and discover the secrets of colour. She developed her palette of colours, sharpened her “expert eye”, investigating subtle differences in formulas.

In 2001, TERRY ended her collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent in order to devote herself entirely to the development of her brand and the design of new concepts in beauty care.

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