New: Cannabis by Il Provfumo -Osmo Parfums

New in the IL Profvmo range is Cannabis.  It is elegant, hypnotic, and provocative. Cannabis has the power to blend with all the perfumes offered by the Osmo line. It is an unisex scent. Depending on the skin, it will develop in a beautiful way.

The use of Cannabis Osmo Parfum is exalted for reasons of the self confidence that it may provoke, the trace of this fragrance will become a real treasure hunt. Cannabis Osmo Parfum is made with the 80% of flowers and the 20% of leaves, the skin is exalted with a sensual hint of amber that makes this particular alchemy eve more sensual.

Depending on who wears it, it will be insolent, soft, elegant, seductive and intriguing, as no other plant can keep the human being tied at his imagination as Cannabis does. In the Netherlands Cannabis is known as the grass you smoke. The designer choose to use the main ingredient name although it might bring up daring associations. A worldwide scoop: A perfume based on Cannabis. 

Would you dare to wear it?

I’ve tried mixing Cannabis with Vanilla Bourbon as it has a warm and soft character. The combination is rare but beautiful.

A real peak of pleasure…  Just as we like it!

Before spraying on Osmo Parfum it is possible to add some drops of absolu oil. Only the Osmo Absolu may be used in water or mixed with creams , bath and shower gels and other products for the body and the surroundings. The notes are heightened by the heat of the skin, dissolving and blending….

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