CARON perfume –La haute Perfumery

If you are visiting Paris or New York, and craving for a new exclusive perfume, then stop by at Caron perfumery.Caron is internationally recognized and known for its unique blends of pure essences encased in the most luxurious flacons, Perfumes Caron offers 34 perfumes (including 13 exclusive Boutique fragrances) for both men and women. An absolutely devine place for something special and unique.

Founded in 1904 perfumes Caron has a rich heritage in perfumery and is still considered a true fragrance house. Caron is one of the great Paris houses to still remain entirely devoted to fragrance and one of the last perfume houses to still have an in-house ‘nose’ (Monsieur Fraysse) – also called a master perfumer.  It is the only perfume house that is perfume led, not fashion led.


90, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré – 75008 Paris
Phyto Universe – 715 Lexington Avenue -NY, NY 10022

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