Chanel make-up collection 2012 – Summer is here…

We all love Chanel looks, don’t we? I could go on and on about this new summer collection, but this time I won’t. All I can tell you is that it’s damn pretty, and I would run to the closest high end beauty shop to get a few of these pieces.


Perfectly bronzed and tanned skin tones go hand in hand this summer with sunny cheeks, magnetic eyes, a radiant and beautiful skin is what we are all craving for. Let the pictures do all the talking. My favorites are the nail polish in Delight 607, and the Soleil Tan de Chanel. It blends easily on the skin and it’s underlined with a gold complexion that makes it multi functional and universal. Oh, and don’t forget to line the eyes to make them sparkle. See, now I’m going on and on anyway.


Available from the 4th of may 2012.

Have a radiant summer!

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