Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet – Fall 2011

The new Rouge Allure Velvet has a beautiful texture. It’s silky soft with a matte finish. Especially when your a fan of matte lipsticks, these formulas will be your next best friend this fall. Little silica beads combined with light diffusing pearl powder and jojoba will nourish the lips and leave them pouty.

Why did Peter Philips create a matte lipstick?

 Pourquoi pas. I thought it was a challenge to create a comfortable lipstick that would give a luminous matte makeup result. These qualities don’t always go hand in hand, but we managed to guarantee this result with Rouge Allure Velvet.

Like velvet, I wanted it to be comfortable, intense and matte, while seeming to glow from within…

Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup.

Rouge Allure Velvet presents an innovative formula that combines the mattifying and smoothing power of silicone microbeads with the luminosity of a new-generation of mother-of-pearl particles to reveal shine-free lips infused with deep and radiant shades. Names like La Fascinante, la Ravissante, L’Exubérante sounds fascinating and sexy.

You can mix and match or play around. Feeling pinkish or more fierce like coral or red? The choice is yours. Rouge Allure Velvet comes in 11 beautiful colors.

To complement the lipstick’s Chanel launches several nail polishes. Pirate, a mythic red for a night out. An elegant pink, Rose Cache, and a natural looking soft pink. Use the Velvet top coat for that perfect matte finish by applying it on dried nail polish.


Tip: The best way to apply it is to start by tracing the lip contours with a lip liner and then fill them in with lipstick before gently blotting lips with a tissue for improved hold.

Available from the 16th of August.

Have fun!

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