CHANEL Ultra Correction Lifting series

Precision Ultra Correction Lift Serum

Chanel presents a lovely new firming serum! Looking for a highly concentrated repair serum that instantly smoothes the skin?  This intensive Anti-wrinkle Concentrate is enriched with a powerful peptide that acts on the skin’s suppleness, helping to improve skin tone and elasticity from the very heart of each collagen fiber.

CHANEL Ultra Correction Lifting Day Creme Τhis new Anti-wrinkle Day Cream by Chanel promises to go much further than the superficial correction of signs of aging. What it does? It improves the skin’s collagen and the elastin fibers, making the surface of the skin fuller and more plump. The cream has a velvety feel due to a mixture of powders. A big plus is that the cream contains an SPF 15, protecting the skin throughout the day leaving the skin looking smooth and feeling more tight.

To get it all right, you might want to use the Lift Firming Night crème.

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