Chantecaille Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

Chantecaille has been making a name in the luxury skin care and cosmetics industry due to the highly concentrated natural ingredients contained by their products as well as by the unique efforts of the company to create an alliance between nature and science.

Nature has to offer a variety of benefits so by preserving the nature we are actually ensuring a positive future for the next generations. The newest makeup collection is a perfect example of how you can help nature while looking fabulous.

Chantecaille has partnered with Dr. Karen Eckert of WIDECAST, in the attempt to help save turtles, especially the ones living in the Caribbean Sea, by creating a community in which humans and turtles can live harmoniously. Chantecaille’s support is admirable so don’t hesitate and join this organization in their pursuit to restore the sea life balance.

The Chantecaille spring 2011makeup collection is a fabulous reminder of the cause as well as the beauty of makeup. The makeup palette is amazing and the lip stains as well, so you will be able to achieve endless looks through this collection, plus you will also be able to lend a hand on saving turtles, as 5% of the earnings will go to the WIDECAST organization.

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