Clinique Skin supplies dark spot corrector for men

When it comes to skincare men need a little extra help when mother nature leaves them hanging.
You can’t erase the past, prevention does help. This serum is pretty powerful. What its capable of doing? It reduces the appearance of sun spots, dark spots and acne scars on all skin types and tones.

When using this product for four weeks on a regular basis, repeating the word regular (as men tend to forget their little beauty routine) the skin will show less dark spots and a more even skin. Keep this up for twelve weeks, there will be more…, more improvement in terms of discoloration, skin texture and skin tone. The skin soothing ingredients can help reduce ingrown hairs.

Test show that after using the skin supplies dark spot corrector for eight weeks, twice a day after, 84 % detected a visible reduction of dark spots, and 89% had more even complexion.


Twice a day keeps the dark spots away…

Available from september 2012 |

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