Cologne Absolue -Vanille Insensée

A little while ago I’ve written about Atelier Cologne and their perfume range. The vanille Insensée is their latest launch, and I can tell you you’ll fall in love with it. Although vanille Insensée is a cologne, it wears as  a perfume with a concentration of 15%. The Lemon makes it start fresh, while Vanilla and Amber embraces throughout the day….

The story:

“He worked his way through the crowd when his heartbeat quickened. That smell. That’s her perfume. He was the original owner of the smell, until she took it one day. They had not seen each other   for years. And now she stood before him. The chemistry between the two aroused as never before…”

What’s in it:

Top: lemon, Cedrat, coriander
Middle: jasmine, vetiver and oak moss
Base: vanilla from Madagascar, oak and amber


A perfect romantic present for Christmas.

Also available in a candle, soap, or a 30 ml.
Exclusively thru

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