Concealers and Correctors! Tips from a pro in the know…

Beauty secrets of the universe?  Concealers and Correctors!

Correctors brighten the darkest areas under the eyes. This allows concealer to lighten and blend. Concealers should blend into your skin, lightening the dark circles and instantly making you look much better. Different concealers and correctors are formulated for very specific use. Choose a concealer and when needed a corrector designed for each of your problem areas.

Remember: Concealers are not formulated for use on blemishes or areas of redness. They are creamier in consistency and lighter than the skin tone. Using under eye concealer on areas of redness will only highlight the imperfections. Yellow toned foundation and / or corrector that matches the skin tone is the best way to adequately cover blemishes, scars, and redness.

The application of an under eye concealer is the most important step in your makeup routine. Concealer is the one product that, when chosen and applied correctly, will instantly brighten and lift the face.

The skin under the eye is very thin, so the blue of the fine veins just under the surface tend to shine through. A lighter yellow toned concealer mixed with a corrector will mask this blue discoloration and brighten the skin.


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