Create a messy hair up do in 10 minutes

I was inspired by a funny moment at the office the other day.  Whenever I have a bad hair day I get creative and always try to create the best ‘possible’  hairstyle.  In most cases, I experiment with braids or up do’s.

Last friday I created a messy up do and one of my dear colleagues asked me if  it was also possible with her hair since she has thin hair. ‘Of course!’  was my answer. With 4 pins, a brush and an elastic we walked out of the restroom. We both had a messy up do, and I created hers in just 10 minutes!

So you don’t necessarily need thick or long hair to create beautiful hairstyles. This messy up do is perfect for a day at the office or a night out. In combination with a natural flawless face or smokey eyes with a fierce Laura Mercier lipstick, you can never go wrong!


Want to try it yourself? I found a perfect ‘how to’ video that will show you how to up do your hair in a few simple steps.

Get inspired..X

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