Create your fall look with the new ‘Florista’ make-up!

Are you ready for the upcoming spring? The limited make-up collection ‘Floralista’, inspired by flower designs en delicate blossom patterns that set the trend for the spring and summer 2011, are exclusively available in February and March.

Absolute Eye Colour
Create soft green or coral coloured eyes with the Florista eye shadows: C01 BerrFairy, C02 Coral’s Enchanted Garden, C03 First Fog, C04 Grasshopper, C05 Walk In The Woods.

Eyeliner Pencil
Then, for a natural and open eyes, accentuate your eyelashes with the new Florista eyepencil that shows light reflecting pigments: C01 Morning Dew.

Lip Gloss
Soft eyes for this spring come with soft coloured lips with a seducing touch of shine. Create kissable lips with the soft pastel lip colours: C01 Pink Spring, C02 Coral’s Enchanted Garden, C03 Morning Dew

Do your prefer lipstick under your gloss? You have two options with C01 Walk In The Woods.
– use the lipstick alone for a soft pearly sheen or
– use the lipstick as topcoat over another lipstick for a soft shiny finish

Duo Blush
To complete the face with soft beach cheeks, the Floralista powder blush package is an eye catcher with the flower pattern and an eye catcher for your look: C01 As Lively As Ever.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Finally, finish your spring look with colours ranging from beige and peach until the most popular tint of this spring: white with gleam a lavender: C01 Pink Spring, C02 Coral’s Enchanted Garden, C03 Lavender Breeze, C04 Walk In The Woods.

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