Customized make up by EGO Cosmetics

This week I was invited to meet the founder of the custom EGO Cosmetics brand.  As a makeup artist I am always mixing products to create my own, blending away to create the perfect second skin. After a tour on the premises, I was pretty excited when Martin suggested to make a product of choice, to get a picture of how the ‘custom made’ designing actually works.

As a lipstick fan-anatic we decided to create my personal custom made blend of lipstick. I wanted it to be the perfect pink, nourishing, and smell like vanilla. A matte version that doesn’t dehydrate the lips.

I am impressed by the texture, and the possibilities you can create as an artist but also for consumers. You can have foundations, eye shadows, blush and lipsticks exclusively custom made. It never goes out of stock, and you’ll never have a bad buy, as all products are custom made by your own choice.

To make a lipstick:

Start with selecting a mix of colors for the look and feel of the product. The first step is to melt  4 gram of wax base on a special heater.

The second step is adding liquid pigment to the wax, and let the two ingredients melt together. We added another pigment in ‘Shine Orchid’ to ensure a matte finish. 

A lipstick tends to smell like wax, so we added a taste of flavor. You can choose any kind of flavor, from peaches to cherries, you name it. I chose vanilla. When the cocktail is finished, it is poured into a mould, to let it cool off and then we wait…., for about 15 minutes.

The lipstick is finished, and voilá my first personal custom made lipstick is a fact!


Customized make up for professionals and consumers!

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