Dare to wear by Mac

Dare to be Different

As fashion is embracing the Autumn/winter season, we get inspired by watching catwalk trends, finding the perfect new hairstyle like the top knot, and outstanding make up! As the summer sun kissed glow will start to fade, skin will become dull looking and we might want to brighten up the eyes and lips with lively colours.

Dare to be different by trying bright eye colour shades. Join the brigade of loud-and-proud who daily dare to declare their own individuality. High-powered pigment and holographic pearl create a crazy-intense, shine-saturated gloss, combined with eye shadow shades as over-the-top as Lady Gaga!

It’s better to build up eyeshadow slowly to avoid product overload. Dare to wear Mac’s sassy grass green or  shock – a- holic purple eye colour. Absolutely beautiful with brown or blue eyes. If these bright colours are too much to handle, try a chromagraphic pencil like landscape green.

Finish your look by spicing up your statement look with one of these bright lip colours…


Declare your own individuality.

Have fun!

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