Decléor Life Radiance: A unique beauty boost for you!

We all know that outside influences and modern lifestyles leave their mark on your face. Stress, fatigue and an unhealthy eating habit will increase a dull looking complexion. In Madagascar, they say the nature is a greatest helping hand. Relying on the legendary tree with powerful features that ensures a visible and lasting health and vitality. ‏

Inspired by the knowledge of the secret of glowing skin and a shiny, Decléor  launches Radiance life line. The natural ingredients provide an increase in resistance, stimulation of microcirculation and optimal protection against external influences. There are so much products out there, so why choose these?

A unique beauty boost for an energetic, radiant skin…

Éclat double peeling facial scrub is a great beauty treatment in which the dead skin cells are gently removed. At the same time it stimulates the microcirculation and offers these essential nutrients to your skin scrub.

Create Optimum glare with the Source d’Éclat Cure Poudre d’énergie J-10. This treatment gloss is rich in essential oils and fruit extracts. In combination with vitamin C your skin will shine and look fresh.

One last beauty tip for your skin is the Source d’Éclat Masque peel off the complexion revival. The natural ingredients of this mask provide a beautiful shine, and deeply hydrates the skin as well. You’ll radiate like never before!


A little about Decleor

Decleor started there business over 35 years ago by a team of experts in aromatherapy. Over the years the Decleor team built a tremendous knowledge by modern research techniques to essential oils. Aromatherapy, which was often regarded as a collection of empirical and poetic knowledge, is a proven science.

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