Delete – Get rid of unwanted hairs professionally

There is so nothing so fresh as a clean wax treatment at the start of the a new year. Anytime of the year for that matter. You might not feel up to it during winter time, but when spring kicks in this is an absolute must as unwanted hairs are a no go.

At Delete waxing they are quick, and thorough, and it’s for men and women. When they’re done with you, you’ll have beautiful smooth skin, and that will stay that way over a longer period of time. Unfortunately the hairs will come back but they will do so in a softer matter and in finer pieces.

If it’s painful? Nope. Because Delete removes the unwanted hair fast, uses the highest quality specially designed wax and specialized techniques therefore making the treatment effective and painless. Delete stands out due to the hygiene and aftercare. At Delete the staff is well trained and knowledgeable, which I like. It will only take 25 minutes to make your skin look and feel much softer this spring.


Check the website for a professional hair delete experience.
(Amsterdam | Utrecht | Rotterdam (new)

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