Diane Vreeland – The eyes has to travel

Diane fascinates me. The more I read and get to know more about her, it left me thinking I wish I could  have met her. She’s called the “ High Priestess of Fashion” her impact on fashion and style were legendary.

In 1936 she became the fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar and had the ability to invent and discover fashion ideas, designers, personalities, and photographers.
She continued to be a force in fashion throughout her career, eventually becoming editor in chief of Vogue.

In ‘ The Eyes Has To Travel’ you’ll be able to find fifty years of international fashion.
It shows her life through the work she created over the years. Vreeland’s passion for life was her driving force.

Her positive character, discipline, personality and physical presence were aspects that led her to her success in the world of fashion and in her life. Fashion was an integral element of her life from a young age as she used it to create a world that embodied inspiration, joy and adventure.

Have a sneek peek:



PS: Heading to Venice before the 26th of June 2012? There is an exposition: Diane Vreeland after Diane Vreeland. In september of this year the documentary ‘The Eyes Have to Travel’ will premiere!


The eyes has to travel is available thru www.abc.nl | € 42, 99

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