Dior Spring 2013 – Cherie Bow collection

It seems all Spring make-up collections are into pink, and that’s an understatement really. For Dior it’s all about bold rosiness. My favourite product in this collection are the nail glow, the lip glow and the gorgeous ‘Rose Bonheur’ Cherie Bow blush.


The nail glow is an instant French Manicure effect whitening nail care. Use it on its own (on bare nails) to whiten the tips while enhancing the pink color of the nail. Makes them look clean and fresh for spring. The lip glow on the other hand enhances your natural lipcolor looking different on every skin tone. Perfect for those days you don’t feel like wearing a ‘full on’ lipstick nor a gloss.

And what’s a Dior collection without eye shadow? Next to all the pink colors the contracts in the eye pallets and, lovely Twin set eyeshadows are very welcome.


Have fun!


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