Dr. brandt lineless lines no more for lips

Kiss  fine lip lines goodbye with dr.brandt lineless lines no more. This miracle worker fills and decreases the depth of vertical lines while promoting a fuller, plumper, more voluptuous and well defined lip contour.

The formula restores moisture, reduces dryness and smoothes the lip surface which creates the ideal canvas for longer lasting lip color with minimized bleeding and feathering.

The lines no more for lips increases collagen & hyaluronic acid production, improving volume. It also smoothes fine lines  and wrinkles caused by facial expressions such as smiling and smoking while preventing future lines and wrinkles.

It reduces dryness and protects from free radical damage with Dr. Brandt’s signature cocktail of anti-oxidants: Vitamin E, Green Tea, White Tea & Grape Seed Extract. 

Marc Jacobs and Madge are fan of Dr.Brandt’s products, so what are you waiting for?


Available at www.skins.nl


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