Easy Summer Hairstyles

During warm summer days you don’t to be fussing over your hair. Hair (up) do’s that are quick and easy yet stylish is exactly what you’ll be aiming for. Here’s a little inspiration how to achieve that cool and tousled hair effect.

Pick  a Side
Create this bun by pulling your hair into a low ponytail, securing it with an elastic just above the tips of your hair. Then roll the tail up and pin to your head, moving it to the side, just in front of your ear. Use a little hairspray to set it.

Goddess Braids
If you’ve got  long hair, braid a section by each ear, then pin it around your head like a crown. If you Placing the plait a few inches back from your face keeps the look modern and very fresh.

Pick a side hairstyle Braids like a crown

Side swept
Sometimes just one little move, like pulling your cascading waves over one shoulder, is all it takes to add some spice to your look. Set the waves with style with pins at the nape and set with a little hairspray

More Braids…
The tousled imperfection of this look is all the magic. Twist a braid around your head, and move it around to let it shape the frame of your face without worrying about making it even. The use some pins to set this just out of bed look.

On the side wave Tousled braid

Have fun!

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