Effortless voluminous hair with BUMPITS

Always wondered how the Hollywood celebrities create these voluminous looks? Tired of trying to create this look by teasing all day? Create your own Hollywood look with Bumpits. It is a must have hair accessory for every hair type: blond, brown, black or red hair, straight or curls.. and even weave!


How to create these looks?1. Brush your hair all the way back and spritz it with a small amount of hairspray for extra hold. Make a part across the crown of your hair 2-3 inches from where your hairline begins on your forehead

2. Grab the section of hair that you parted in the front and hold straight up. Tease the hair closest to the scalp with the Bumpits comb that is included in the Bumpits kit.

3. Place the medium or large Bumpits piece on your head underneath the section of hair you are holding up.

4. Pull the parted hair over the Bumpit. Spray hairspray over the bump. For extra support, use the bobby pins to hold the hair securely below the hair bump.

You can buy the Bumpit at Blokker, de Marskramer and Kijkshop.

 Santusha Kana

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