ELLIS FAAS launches new creamy eyecolors for summer 2012

Ellis Faas has created seven new shades of her favourite Creamy Eyes shadows. With the new colours, Ellis has expanded her  range in the following colors: navy-blue (E113), Bordeaux-red (E114), purple (E115), lilac (E116), mint-green (E117), light-blue (E118) and yellow-ochre (E119)…

It works like a cream with a velvety texture and dries like a stain. A light-weight coverage that stays crease-free throughout the day with anti -aging benefits. A special blend of flower and coffee extracts smoothes skin and reduces wrinkles while restoring lost moisture and protecting from external aggressors.

It is enriched with Para Cress flower extract, stimulating natural skin-lifting capabilities. The Coffee extract works to increase collagen and elastin production while also increasing natural skin defenses. Ideal for a quick smokey eye, but remind to work quick as it dries pretty fast. Heading for a night out? Then cover the entire eyelid using the built-in brush, layer and then fade the edges with the fingertips.


PS: I am a huge fan of the lipcolors,as they are perfectly blendable and very different from regular shades.

Available in stores now.



Available thru www.skins.nl

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