Estee Lauder Targets European Women | Revitalizing supreme global anti – aging crème

Beauty companies are emphasizing the importance of local beauty practices by tailoring products to regional preferences. Estee Lauder is leading the charge with its upcoming Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Crème.
It is the first global anti-aging skin care product created specifically for European women. Intense research revealed that serums are less popular than creams with European women.

In Asia, 52% of women regularly apply a serum while in Europe, only 21% apply a serum. European women consider aging a natural process and don’t identify a “specific problem linked to her skin. She is not obsessed by beauty or by wrinkles. However, when she beings to notice certain changes in her skin, she wishes to delay them. She favors simplicity in her skin care, as well.

Revitalizing supreme global anti -aging cream contains micro-droplets of water that provide fast moisturizing. Combined with strengthening moisture barrier complex that includes Sunflower and Barley Extract that moistures  the skin gradually while strengthening  and providing deep continuous hydration.

Last but not least, anti-irritants and antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Caffeine soothe the skin, while keeping the essential moisture barrier remaining intact. Benefit claims include smoother, clearer, firmer and more uniform skin in just one month.

The delicious oriental citrus-floral fragrance is specially created for European women and contains top notes of mandarin and bergamot combined with heart notes of Tea Rose, Jasmine and Violet. The smell changes into base notes of vetiver, sandalwood and powdery vanilla.

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Available from the 16th of January 2012

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