Estee Lauder’s Fall 2012 collection – Violet Underground

Beyond the tradition significance of romance and love, the Chinese believe that red bestows good luck on the wearer. Why not add violet and pinks to the list? Stack the odds in your favor by pairing an uptown meets downtown ‘glam rock’ look. Violet Underground  is a limited edition trend collection inspired on various colors and styles.

I love the simple yet ‘out of the box’ sophisticated look where you play with violet colors that tend to suit anyone.  What I like as a make-up artist is the intensity of the pigments. You can build up, use the eyecolors wet or dry, use contrasts of matte and shiny. And yes, Violet Underground also work its magic on darker toned skin. Spice thing up with the ‘Pure Color Gelée’ powder eyeshadow. These four cyber colors will add the extra sparkle.


Another great little gadget is the Punker Black eyeliner. A felt pen that is blendable depending on your mood. Let your lips do the talking with the pure color velvet lipstick in ‘Black Cassis ‘or ‘Violet Crush’ with matte finish or shine away with one the eight new vivid shine lipsticks. Magnetic Magenta for instance is a great pink to berry color.

Not a lipstick fan? Try the pure color gloss in ‘Chaotic Currant and Rebellious Violet instead. Or even better mix them up and don’t forget the bold ‘rock meets punk’ nail polish in Black Iris.


Have fun.

Violet Underground & Pure Color Vivid Shine are in stores now.

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