Estee Lauder’s French Nudes nailpolish collection

They call it nail foundation as there is something in there for everyone. I love to play with a little nail color, yet not everyone is tremendously fond of it. If you are, that’s great but you might want to get into the Nude side of things a little bit more. As Nude colored nails are on trend this spring Estee Lauder has created 5 perfect shades with one bound to suit, whether you want a barely there look or a shade to contrast your skin tone.

Billed as foundation for your nails these flesh tones take simplicity and give it a fresh, modern twist. Try something different by using two or three nude tones on your nails or try a French manicure with nudes.

The colors from left to right: Bittersweet, Diabolique, So Vain, Nudité, Ballerina Pink

Available from the 11th of March 2013

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