Estee Lauder’s Pure colour blush – Officially favoured

When it comes to blush there are a zillion options out there. Finding the right color and texture can be a bit of a struggle. You apply it beautifully in the morning and then the following happens.

You look in the mirror during the day and all you see is…, nothing. Your blush has vanished completely, or even worse it’s chalky and all over the place. And here you are back to square one…

The Pure Color Blush is long lasting and gives the skin a subtle satin finish for that healthy glow. I have tested it several times, even while bicycling in the rain. I can tell you it’s water-resistant too. It won’t streak or fade and
lasts all day. Just as we like it.

They come in six new colors, from natural rosy and bluish pink, to peach and prune, so find you best at the counter.

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