Estelle & Thild organic Lily collection

A short while ago I was introduced to these little miracle workers in a tube. Estelle & Thild is an organic skincare brand based on the highest quality extracts and oils making ‘organic’ an obvious choice.

I was surprised how quick the detox duo really made my skin glow. Especially during winter time our skin can use that little extra help to get dull, tired looking skin out of the way.

This is the perfect time for a deep clean. As you all know cleaning the skin is the most important step in your daily skincare routine. The founder of Estelle & Thild believes that by using a mild mask and scrub twice a week, your skin will gain elasticity and suppleness. I could not agree more.

The organic bioactive mask is a perfect clay detox that cleans the skin, unclogs pores and gets rid of toxins leaving my skin soft, and even better, makes the pore structure much finer. The micor lily scrub is really great treat. The micro – crystals gently polish away used skin cells while stimulating the skin circulation and preventing fine lines.

What else could we be aiming for. Expect fresh, smooth skin that radiates with energy.


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