Eyebrows the frame to the eyes!

We al know how important a perfectly shaped brow can be. It can make or break your look. It is a common mistake to go too dark. For example: If you have brown eyebrows grey – brown is better than dark brown. If you’re a blonde it’s better to use taupe. If you have darker skin, with brownish – black eyebrows, use dark brown, instead of a black eyebrow pencil or gel.

An insider’s tip:

Use two shades of brow pencil for fair brows: a pale taupe base with a slightly darker shade stroked around the arch. It might take a little practice, but the darker colour really emphasizes the arch, widening the eyes.

Top 5 Eyebrow Grooming No-Go:

1. Making eyebrows too thin. Skinny eyebrows can make you look older.              
2. Using a magnifying mirror. It makes you over-pluck because you start obsessing over every little hair.                                                                                             
3. Matching your eyebrow color to your hair. Eyebrows should compliment your skin tone, not match your hair. Eyebrows can be tinted either one or two shades darker or, one or two shades lighter, but no more.                                
4. Being scissors-happy. Only women who have high eyebrow arches need to trim. Being overly snippy makes brows uneven.                                                            
5. Using pointed tweezers. They can break the skin and cause scabbing. Use a pair of  tweezerman’s instead.

Have Fun!

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