F+ Beauty Accessories – Michelle Obama and the power of style

Refuse to be seduced by anything that isn’t first rate. Invest in a beautiful handbag, scarf, bangles or great pair of shoes. This is worth far more than the little novelty you might have found interesting at first.

You can always tell from the accessories worn with any outfit what kind of character a woman has. A little black dress, or even simple jeans can double or triple its face value when worn with outstanding accessories.

Thank god for queens day and 2nd hand shops where you can sell your overstock. I absolutely adore accessories as they can make or break an outfit. They are personal garments that make that little difference between you and the rest of the world.

The book ‘Everday Icon; “Michele Obama and the powder of style” is about why style matters, and in particular why the style of the new American First Lady, Michelle Obama, matters.

You can put almost any woman in beautiful clothes and accessories and she will look amazing. But if you put an amazing woman in even the simplest clothes and accessories, you redefine style completely.

Have a sneak peek : Michele Obama and the power of style, and in particular the accessories.


The book “Michele Obama and the power of style” is avaiable thru www.abc.nl

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