Claes Iversen SS13 collection at Amsterdam Fashion week

Yesterday evening I was privileged to attend the Claes Iversen SS13 fashion show. The atmosphere was outstanding and the crowd was really anxious to see the ‘high end’ fashion show. It was a fabulous and inspiring show, and the light and airy but sometimes dramatical music was in perfect harmony with the setting.

The story: The new SS13 collection builds on austerity and monotone color to a flowery and fresh whole. “Flying debris’ find each other and come together in creations formed from fragments, whether or not previously exhibited creations of Claes Iversen: Elements of a jacket incorporated into other garments, makes the iconic Rose Dress from 2007 part of the final dress of this collection, which I love.

And what do you think about the 60’s inspired flair pants, minis and floral motifs? It’s in stark contrast to the all American football influences including broad shoulders and sportswear inspired details. Modernity translated into femininity is a very important issue, also found in this SS13 collection.

Color, fabric application and use, partly in the form of a collage, emphasizing the fragmentation even further. The name of the collection is created from a collage idea which keywords are glued together. Do get inspired…


Copyright pictures Peter Stigter

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