Dior’s 2012 fall make-up launch: The ultimate ‘Golden Jungle’ look

The story of the now iconic motif… In February 1947 while showing his first Couture collection, Christian Dior unveiled what was to become one of his all-time favorite prints – the Jungle panther. Daring, animal, sensual, dangerous… The most avant-garde women adopted it straight away. Re-invented over the years, the Jungle print has remained a star of the Dior catwalks. A star that has inspired Dior’s 2012 autumn make-up collection it’s chic, playful and very feminine.


The must have a palette is features three eye shadows (matte, pearl and iridescent) in a panther pattern. The lip gloss enhances the contour of the lips creating a wet nude effect – resulting in total animal magnetism. I am smitten with the nail laquer, especially in green Amazonia and Golden Era. But there is more; what do you think about the sprinkled gold leaf color. I think it’s absolutely stunning.


Make-up artist trick: illuminate your eyes by applying a pale shade to the eyelid, a darker shade at the base of the lashes and by blending it at the outside edge of the eyelid. Finally apply a tiny touch of gold on the inside corner of the eyes and centre of the lid to brighten your look. While creating your jungle look finish it off with the Dior styleliner for that ultimate 30s look.


This look will hit the counters on the 15th of August 2012


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