Elle style Awards 2011

At this year’s award ELLE was looking for the most promising styling talent of 2011. On the 13th of January one the finalists was offered a serious position in the fashion world.

This year’s Style Awards was held at ‘’ The Stadschouwburg’ in Amsterdam. A beautiful location with a lot of history.

Prior to the award we were able to enjoy a frontrow catwalk show that was held to convince the jury and the 600 invited fashionista’s of their talent.

Personal Style Award

The yearly personal style award is a prestigious price for the most stylish Dutch celebrity, who is known and loved  for her own style, funkiness, and personality. The personal style award went to actice Halina Reijn. Singer Wende, who was also nominated for the Personal Style Award was surprised with a Golden record.


Halina Reijn                                          Wende Snijders

The King and Queen of the Ball

This year’s new ‘The King and Queen of the Ball’ Award went to make up artist Ellis Faas and her brother Thijs!

Pictures by Peter Stigter

The H &M sponsored Style Award went to stylist  Bonne Reijn. And very well deserved.

Picture by ANP

It was a beautifully organised event, with a fashionista incrowd. Everybody, and I mean everybody did their utmost best to follow the dresscode: Rock -n- Royalty….

What a night, and what an afterparty!

Thumbs up for ELLE

Follow this link for Pictures from the Peter Stigter team  for the Elle Style Awards 2011.

In desperate need of stylish inspiration? The ELLEments of personal style, 25 modern fashion icons on how to dress, shop, and live.




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