Erica Giuliani Shoellery a.k.a. Jewellery

As Carrie Bradshaw from SATC said it: “The shoe makes the outfit. Shoes are an important fashion item for women. Boots, pumps or ballet flats, you cannot have enough pairs. The new label Erica Giuliani introduces a totally innovative concept: the ‘shoellery. A unique collection of shoe jewelry, by adding a simple accessory you can expand your personal appearance, as seen at the latest catwalk trends.

For every occasion, Erica Giuliani developed another shoe jewel. Have ‘Ring-Ons’ for your shoe heels, sparkling clips to spice up your shoe. The ‘Shoellery’ Erica Giuliani provides the fabulous finishing touch!
Shoellery is a Canadian brand of Italian design with a pretty wide range of shoe jewelry.

Erica Giuliani takes this trend to a higher level and gives women the opportunity to expand their existing shoe wardrobe. Whether you go to the office, a enjoying cocktails at a night out, this gadget will give your shoe or boot a personal charisma.


A little about Shoellery’s  Erica Giuliani

In February 2008, the sisters Patricia and Nadia Macri  launched Canadian shoe jewelry brand launched. They started selling their first collection through a web shop and a small kiosk in a mall. Erica Giuliani had a great kick start in January 2010 when they took part in the program ‘The Dragons Den’. Guest Judge Arlene Dickinson saw potential in the brand and made a good investment.

Giuliani Erica is available in America, Russia, Australia, Kuwait and now also in the Netherlands.

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