Beauty Handbags from hardbacks for fashionable bookworms

Rather than reading that text book or classic novel, this book cover bag you can hold some cash, you IPhone  and some of your favourite beauty essentials. By taking vintage hardback books, removing the interior pages while keeping the cover intact, adding fabric, handles, hardware and a cute little label, Caitlin made an original handbag for fashionista bookworms.

Sizes vary as does the purse’s capacity. The wider the spine of the book, the more the purse can hold, but don’t overdo it. The nicest thing is that she pays distinct attention to the colors and rarely uses the fabric more than once, making each creation an original one-of-a-kind.

Her collection includes everything from reference books, textbooks, classics and teen novellas to how-to books. She even makes an effort for the fabric interiors to play off the titles or content of the book as in the case of her Do-it-yourself Encyclopaedia purse and the Singer Sewing Book purse.


Check out some really fun design here

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