Book launch Marilyn Monroe ~ by Elle magazine and Meulenhoff publishers

Book launch Marilyn Monroe ~ by Elle magazine and Meulenhoff publishers


I am alone is a book filled with Marilyn Monroe’s personal notes, intimate secrets, letters, poems, and diary fragments from 1943 – 1962. Not many people know that Marilyn was well –read, and even studied literature at University.

Eventhough ‘Iam alone’ is such a sad title, it was a great launch party!

Proscecco and martini cocktails were served, Jenny Lane pretty voice filled the room with a splendid Marilyn Monroe performance. Style icon, glamour queen, sexy film star, world famous actrice was honored at Café Cox.


The first copy was handed over to Hadassah de Boer, as she is a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. It’s a beautiful book, and I would recommend buying a copy, even if it’s for your coffee table.

Picture by Lorianne van Gelder

The goodiebag:
Since the launch of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour cream, every woman should have one in her bag as part of the beauty classics. What would we do without the classic red lip and red nail polish? For the occasion O.P.I. provided a kick-ass red nail polish, just to name a few items.

The magic of Red lipstick: It transforms your face quickly and effortlessly. It draws attention to your mouth, and therefore your expression.



My lucky day…
For the occasion Marilyn Monroe T-shirts were designed, the proceeds of the tees are for a good cause. To trigger the sale: If you were lucky a Gassan diamond could be hidden in yours. We love surprises, a good cause and a good quality tee!

Sneak peek:


Marilyn Monroe’s book is available at

Elle  / Meulenhoff


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