Marga Weimans Couture show & Fashion House at #AFW

On Wednesday 11th of July Marga Weimans showed her couture collection at the opening night of Amsterdam Fashion Week. Weimans’ work became well known by participating in various exhibitions and presentations in Paris.

During AFW opening night was her first official catwalk presentation. After the show Weimans took the audience into the story behind her designs through technology in the form of a 99m2 large installation called Fashion House.

Cities and architecture play an important role in the collection and are reflected in material, color and shape. These influences are reflected in the ‘park dress’ and the ‘skyscraper dress and was like a theme thru her collection. This season Weimans worked together with shoe designer Jan Jansen.

The absolute showstopper was the ‘Vodafone Dress’, a dress consisting of three hundred mobile phones. The mobile network ensures that the dress is put into effect and changes color depending on whether there is dialed by the public. How inventive.

The specially developed ‘Layar’ app gives the virtual exhibition an extra dimension. Through this smart phone app a visitor will receive more information about the exhibition, so you’ll be able to understand Weimans message loud and clear.

A well prepared impressive show with shoe designs by wel known designer Jan Jansen.

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