F + Beauty New: Created by Lotte – Red Label Jewelry

I had the opportunity to meet the woman behind the upcoming accessory label –Created by Lotte. This is her debut spring/ summer 2011 collection. As a child she was very much into accessories and, instead of playing will dolls she was occupied fixing broken bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Anything she could find that had to be fixed, she did, or at least tried!

Due to circumstances she was quite recently out of a job for a little while. She decided this was the moment to follow her wits. She wrote a business plan, and moved confidently in the directions of her dreams…

Now she works at a law firm, and has this passion called jewelry, making these beautiful garments in her spare time. A collection like this does not come overnight, so Lotte has been working for three months steady to be able to present her first collection.


Working with precious gem stones, blood coral, and semi precious stones the color that nature brings are her guideline in making these lovely pieces.

My collection is simple with a twist, natural read head Lotte says”, there is something there for everyone! “From the classic working girl, to the gypsy girl that loves her bangles”.


The line is very affordable, so you won’t have to choose!

I can’t wait to see the winter collection. In the meantime enjoy this spring /summer2011 collection.
For more information and prices and the full range:


Have fun!

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