Fabulous Feline by MAC

Fabulous Feline ~ Introducing three debut colour collections for  Autumn 2010!

Inspired by the patterns, shades, and textures of three pedigreed cats.
The chocolate Lynx Burmese, Leopard- like ginger Ocicat, and the Aristocratic Russian Blue. If you are a cat lover you will find these Fabulous Felines fascinating.

Burmese Beauty

I can always appreciate shades as Sable, Champagne and Teak -Olive.
This colour collection celebrates the well cared for, and she knows how to get what she wants, because a creature of luxury, should be treated as such.
Pigments as ‘Gold Stroke’ a high frostes gold will go well with green eyes, and when you’re at it, try blending with the Turquoise green with green pearl frost.

Palace Pedigreed

The ‘Courtly’ eyeshadow quad contains muted pink beige, deep berry pink, a neutral mauve, and a deep neutral grey. A collection of colour every bit as hypnotic and enchanting for this cat – eyed Feline collection.
Beautiful lipsticks in shades as, Aristo Cat, a frosted purple, and cunning a dark berry, the IT – colour for this season.

Leopard Luxe

A beautiful, yet very wild look! Like a kitten that roars, the wild thing that possesses a tender, kittenish cuddle.
This new collection is fierce, but feminine at the same time. I especially love the Drive me wild lipstick, mixed with the Schemer lipgloss. A yellow camel with a funky red and gold pearl.
Don’t forget the eyeliner in ‘Out to hunt’ a true black for that Leopard Luxe feel.

Have fun!


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